Fighting climate change pays off

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How it works

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Step 1

Calculate your footprint

Use the preset options to determine the amount of greenhouse gas emitted from your household energy usage.

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Step 2

Reduce your carbon footprint with carbon offsets

Your home's carbon footprint will be neutralized each month. Your ActNeutral membership fee goes towards our community's carbon offset purchase.

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Step 3

Get rewarded and spread the word

Get exclusive rewards from top eco-friendly brands that encourage sustainable commerce! Share your referral code and watch your impact grow.

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Offsetting your carbon footprint is easy with ActNeutral

We calculate or estimate the greenhouse gas produced by your home then neutralize it by purchasing carbon offsets on your behalf. The carbon offsets support green energy production or greenhouse gas capture with one of our great projects.

Together, we can have a greater impact


Total metric tons of C02 offset by our community

Our community has supported carbon offsets leading to these equivalencies:


Trees planted in an urban area


Kilowatt hours of electricity


Smartphones charged


Gallons of gasoline saved

Projects Our Community Supports

Your ActNeutral memberships eliminates or prevents greenhouse gases equal to the amount your home generates.

Click on the map to learn more about different projects our community supports.

You Can Make a Difference by Joining ActNeutral

  • Reduce greenhouse gasses starting today.

  • Support research and invest in new sustainability innovation like renewable energy storage and carbon capture.

  • Send a signal to businesses that you and consumers like you want to buy from eco-conscious brands.

"We need to help scale sustainable products and services so that the green premium disappears and consumers don't need to sacrifice to go green"
- Bill Gates