Frequently Asked Questions


What are carbon offsets?

Put simply, offsetting your carbon footprint means compensating for the greenhouse gases you are creating through your daily activities by preventing or reducing the same amount of pollution happening elsewhere through the support of green energy and greenhouse gas reduction projects.Therefore, you are neutralizing the negative impact your consumption would have on the environment.

For those of you that want to dig deeper, every carbon offset represents the reduction of 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions, which is a large contributor to climate change. Carbon offsets are offered on an open market by the developers of green energy and greenhouse gas reduction projects and sold at a price determined by the supply and demand for them. ActNeutral does intense diligence to ensure the projects we empower our community to support are credible, domestic and certified.

How does this help the environment?

We believe in the power of community and the power of the masses. Every small step toward neutrality counts. By subscribing to ActNeutral, you have an immediate impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gases through the support of renewable clean energy resources and preventing the need to produce that energy with fossil fuels. The more support provided to green energy projects, the more energy production is pulled away from greenhouse gas emitting fossil fuel resources. The ActNeutral community makes many green energy projects economically viable through the support of their carbon offsets. By continuing to support these projects, clean, renewable energy supply will increase and become a cheaper alternative to dirty energy.


Does this make me carbon neutral?

It certainly minimizes your carbon footprint and is a big step towards neutrality. ActNeutral is focused on helping offset your home and transportation because those are the biggest and most direct contributors to your carbon footprint. In addition to subscribing to our carbon offset program, we encourage everyone to better understand the impact of their consumption and travel behavior and make greener choices where they can.

What does my money go towards?

Your ActNeutral pledge does three things to help slow climate change:

  1. Secures vetted and certified carbon offsets from domestic green energy providers helping support the production of renewable energy in place of dirty fossil fuels or helping to fund the capture and elimination of greenhouse gasses from agriculture and other essential activities.

  2. Donates to Habitat for Humanity to offset the carbon footprint of homes that they helped families build and improve.

  3. Supports the growth of the ActNeutral community - reducing atmospheric pollution one person at a time, AND helps us build our own domestic renewable energy projects that will serve disadvantaged communities that don't have access or means to neutralize their home's carbon footprint.

How does the calculator work?

It can be difficult to measure the exact amount of carbon emissions emitted from turning on a TV, running the dishwasher, or driving a car for each household. For this reason, we use data from resources such as the Environmental Information Administration and Environmental Protection Agency.

The quick click pre-calculated options available utilize the national averages for energy consumption per square foot in U.S. households as determined by the Environmental Information Administration. These averages are then run through the EPA carbon equivalency calculator to determine how many carbon offsets are needed to appropriately offset the household's carbon emissions based on the size selected.

How much does this cost?

Your subscription cost is directly correlated to the amount of carbon offsets needed to retire to offset your household's carbon footprint. This is determined by your household's energy consumption from fossil fuels and usually measured in kilowatt hours (KwH) of electricity used, gallons of gas burned, and/or therms of natural gas burned.

What if I rent / don’t own my home?

ActNeutral is perfect for renters! We understand renters don't have the ability to purchase solar and we want to make it easy for everyone to access clean energy.

What if I am about to move to a new house?

We understand life is full of changes. Your dashboard makes it easy to update your usage and change your address. When you move to a new house you can login into your portal and update your information in a couple of clicks.

Can I see what impact I’ve made?

Heck yeah! Every ActNeutral community member can measure their impact on their personal dashboard. You’ll see not only your direct impact, but also how you’ve been able to grow the community and expand the movement by bringing your friends and family to ActNeutral. And of course, we’re tracking the total impact of all ActNeutral members.


What kind of rewards do members get?

We are proud of you for taking action against climate change and neutralizing your carbon footprint, good news for you, so are some great climate-conscious brands! We are not encouraging superfluous shopping, but when you do need to buy something we want to encourage you to get it from the brands that are doing right by the planet. Each of our partners wants to reward you in their own unique way and you can check out our brand partners page for more specifics, but here are the basic categories:

  1. Loyalty/rewards points: By signing up for ActNeutral and committing to continuously offsetting your carbon footprint you earn extra points on the brand’s loyalty program that have a cash value at their store or can be redeemed for great goods.

  2. Special Discounts: You earn a percentage or dollar amount off your order at checkout by redeeming a code only shared with ActNeutral members or showing your active dashboard during checkout at retail locations.

  3. Free Gifts: ActNeutral members get exclusive gift with purchase opportunities or totally free surprises from our great brand partners!

  4. Exclusive Access: Be the first to know about new product launches or (post-COVID) live events from our partner brands who want carbon neutral consumers to have first dibs!

Fun Fact: The value of your rewards each month will be much greater than the cost of your offset pledge - It's like you're making money by being good to our planet!

How Do ActNeutral Rewards Work?

You have the opportunity to earn and redeem rewards with all of our partner brands every month, and each brand or retailer has unique offerings for you! Each brand will be different but there are two primary ways it will work:

  1. The brand has its own loyalty & rewards program

    We integrate with the existing platforms and every time you complete a reward earning action like signing up for ActNeutral, referring somebody to ActNeutral, or renewing your monthly offset purchase you will automatically earn points or secure discounts on your rewards profile with that brand. If you don’t already have a rewards account with one of our partner brands we will provide links to enroll and can add points for any ActNeutral activities that occurred before your account was activated.

  2. The brand uses coupons & discounts

    Each month we will collaborate with our brand partners to generate unique discount or coupon codes that you will receive from us via email and on your dashboard. You will be able to use those codes at checkout when cashing in on your green behavior! See our up to date consolidated partners page to learn more about the great eco-conscious brands rewarding you for neutralizing your carbon footprint and how their ActNeutral rewards system works.

Account Management

How do I stop my contributions?

You're free to pause or cancel anytime. No stress at all, just log in to your dashboard and hit cancel.

When will my account be charged?

You'll see your first contribution deducted from the payment method you provided immediately upon signing up, then on the same day each month after that.

Can I edit my referral code?

Yes! We want you to proudly share ActNeutral in your own style. To customize your referral link, login to your dashboard and click on the link that says 'Edit Account'. If the referral code is not already claimed by another community member you are good to start growing the community in your name!