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Your monthly membership price covers the cost to offset your carbon emissions

What am I buying?

For every metric ton of greenhouse gas your home produces, you pay for a proportional amount of certified carbon offsets that fund projects removing greenhouse gas from our atmosphere.

How is my price determined?

Estimate the amount of greenhouse gas emissions your home produces with ActNeutral's square footage calculators (determined by EPA and EIA data).

What does ActNeutral do?

We find the most relevant and impactful carbon offsets on the market and purchase them in bulk so our community can have the be price to offset your carbon footprint. We're in this for the long term health of our Earth and her people - see how every penny is spent here

Carbon Reducing Projects

Your ActNeutral membership supports these clean energy projects

Scenic View Dairy

Instead of shoveling biowaste into sloppy trenches Scenic View now processes it in an airtight digester where moderate heat is added and the biogas is captured and harnessed to power two massive generators that supply the farm and surrounding community with electricity. Each generator can produce 450 kilowatt-hours of electricity and any that isn’t consumed by the farm powers the 600 homes in the neighborhood.

Sunny Knoll Farms

Instead of shoveling biowaste into sloppy trenches Sunny Knoll installed an anaerobic digester on site. The 750,000 gallon tank is filled with manure and waste water which is heated to 100 degrees Fahrenheit to accelerate the decomposition in a controlled environment. The biogas is captured and used to fuel a 230kW engine which produces enough electricity for the farm plus a little extra to go into the local grid.

Gaston Landfill

The Renewable Energy Center at the Gaston County landfill produces enough renewable energy to power approximately 1,600 homes for a full year. The associated infrastructure was a $7.5 million dollar project and has expensive operating costs and ongoing maintenance. By issuing carbon offsets to the public Gaston County is able to slowly recoup the initial investment and afford to continue capturing and converting methane to electricity.

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."
– Dr. Jane Goodall

You Can Make a Difference by Joining ActNeutral

  • Reduce greenhouse gasses starting today.

  • Support research and invest in new sustainability innovation like renewable energy storage and carbon capture.

  • Send a signal to businesses that you and consumers like you want to buy from eco-conscious brands.