Our Mission

Make every home in America carbon neutral and connect eco-conscious brands to eco-conscious consumers

How it started

We started ActNeutral as a passion project. A group of four individuals frustrated by the lack of simple and affordable options to offset our emissions from things we can't avoid like our home energy or transportation. By connecting individuals to quality green energy solutions through carbon offsets we will be accelerating the shift toward scalable green energy and zero emissions. As our community grows ActNeutral is eager to begin building community green energy and carbon reduction projects ourselves such as small community solar in underserved areas.

We started this with all of us having 'day jobs' and committing our 'free time' to ActNeutral. We are utilizing our experience and backgrounds in operations, marketing, finance, and engineering to maximize the impact ActNeutral is having. As our community and brand partners grow we look forward to building a team to support everyone.

Tipping the Scales

You as an individual have the power and influence to accelerate the development of new greenhouse gase reduction technologies AND to show brands that being good to the planet is good business. As individuals, government and businesses continue to better appreciate the responsibility they share to our planet the impact will flywheel.

You Can Make a Difference by Joining ActNeutral

  • Reduce greenhouse gasses starting today.

  • Support research and invest in new sustainability innovation like renewable energy storage and carbon capture.

  • Send a signal to businesses that you and consumers like you want to buy from eco-conscious brands.